The creation of great music can best be incubated in an environment where the technologies seem effortless. For the artist, technologies should be a tool not a barrier to creating their musical art. At Umbrella Media, we work very hard to make the technological seem effortless and transparent.

Our Recipe

Is there a recipe for the Umbrella sound? Yes!. Here are the “ingredients” in our special” formula” that we use for making great music in our studio:

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Studio Monitors

Artists-musicians, songwriters, singers, engineers and producers can only make decisions based on what they hear. Umbrella Studio starts with great monitors tuned to reveal real world results. After spending countless hours assessing the results from various speakers, Umbrella Media believes in four essential studio monitors for comparative listening. The big system is a 2.1 JBL 6338 designed in Northridge, California. The mid size system is Dynaudio designed in Denmark, the small system is Focal from France and the mix headphones are Sony-Japan and Focal-France.

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Digital Workstation

ProTools is the gold standard for digital workstations. At Umbrella Media, we often work on projects with some of the greatest studios in the world, including Capitol LA, Abbey Road London, and JVC Victor Tokyo-studios and have to be technically compatible with these world-class studios. Umbrella Studios features the latest ProTools 11 HDX format with 48 analog in and 56 analog outs. Our commitment to being up-to-date has resulted in spectacular sonic results.

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Analog Console

A vast majority of the greatest recordings ever made were recorded using an analog mixer. Umbrella is proud of our British AMEK desk and the sonic legacy it brings to all of our projects. For 10 years from 1990 to around 2000, the legendary audio designer Rupert Neve joined forces with AMEK to bring to the market several products including the Media 51 desk in the Umbrella Media control room.

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Great Microphones

Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Peluso, Beyer, Audix, Rode, Audio-Technica, Se, Mojave and Royer. These are the companies that we feel are making the best microphones and are the basis of our mic collection.

The right microphone selection is essential to the Umbrella Studio sound.

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The Best Mic Pre-amps ever made

Most recording engineers would agree that the second most important part of the recording signal , after the microphone is the mic pre-amp. Umbrella Studio has some of the finest mic pres ever made. Martech, API, Focusrite, Apogee, AMEK, Allen and Heath, Prosonus and DBX give Umbrella sessions the creative choice to match a microphone and mic pre with the sound source.

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Classic Analog and Digital Outboard Gear

With Empirical Labs Distressors and Fatsos, DBX and Overstayer compressors Umbrella can shape the sonic picture push the analog signal to the max before entering the digital realm. On the ambience side Umbrella proudly adds dimension using Lexicon, Bricasti, Yamaha and TC Electronic reverberation processors.

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Umbrella Media has a truly amazing assortment of digital tools (aka PLUGINS) at our disposal that can enhance or distort reality. If a project calls for sonic purity, we have our traditional analog tools to deliver stunning reality. But when creating an alternate sonic universe is the required task, Umbrella Studio is ready to blast off to uncharted territories and unimagined destinations with the best collection of plugins, equal to any studio in the world.

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Isolation Booths and Sound Specific Recording Areas

Umbrella Media has designed specific areas for sound isolation and best possible sonic signature. Each iso area has it own cue mixer, temperature control, and lighting options

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