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Great Projects require leadership and a talented team.
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Andy Waterman

Andy Waterman is Umbrella Media’s CEO, creative director and producer/recording engineer/mixer. He is well known in the studio industry for his leadership and team building…. ( Learn More)

Andy Waterman has been a studio owner and media entrepreneur since the 1970s in Chicago and later relocating to LA in the 80’s. Andy has strategically embraced the constant changes in music, sound and video and technology his career. He defines the term, “Musician-Technologist.”

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Lauren Price

When Lauren Price and Andy Waterman joined forces in 2003 they set forth a goal of reinventing the studio business that Andy had spent his entire life in.

Combining Lauren’s background in corporate America as part of a global Fortune 500 Company and event planning with Andy’s passionate pursuit of music, technology and media production produced a dynamic new business model, which they named Umbrella Media.

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Lucas Fackler

Lucas Fackler joined Umbrella Media in 2009. While Luke maybe the fastest and most proficient ProTools engineer we’ve ever worked with, he’s also a talented videographer and Final Cut Pro Editor as well as a musician and songwriter.

Luke’s video production skills are evident in all our Edutainment videos for Hal Leonard.

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Steve Wilk

Steve Wilk comes to Umbrella from down under. His deep technical skills keep Umbrella’s fast pace production schedule moving forward with Australian charm and good humor. As a performing musician Steve toured the globe as a drummer and brings this valuable experience to our world music and ethnomusicology projects.

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Jeff Eames

New to Umbrella is Jeff Eames. Jeff comes from the east coast and is a professional singer and has a long association with the a’ Cappella music scene as a producer, engineer and mixer..

All the Umbrella Media team shares one very important trait … they are all extremely accomplished musicians as well as extraordinary music and media technologists.
It is this combination that produces an environment where great projects happen.

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Welcome to Umbrella Media

We are an audio-visual production company, based in Los Angeles. We have had great successes and vast experince in music production, sound & video. Our specialty is the art of bringing raw musical ideas to life.

Our Passion

Our passion is the creative process that brings the most talented people together in an environment that is fun, supportive, technically brilliant and budget conscious. Our slogan is: “Great Projects Happen Under Our Umbrella.” We work diligently everyday to turn that slogan into reality.